5 of my favorite drugstore red lipsticks

5 of my favorite drugstore red lipsticks


For the last year I’ve been buying so many red lipsticks, like my life depends on it. I now have one too many and I know for sure that I’m not going to buy any in near future.

I’m not an expert in beauty, but I’m pretty fluent in it. Since I’m getting older I spend more money on more expensive and qualitative cosmetics. It’s my face and I need to take care of it. I don’t mind spending a large sum of money on a good face creme or foundation, but I can never justify buying expensive brand names mascaras, nail polishes or even lipsticks. It’s been proved a long time ago that there’s no difference in the ingredients between a brand name mascara or nail polish and the drug store ones.

I know a lot of people are crazy about their lipsticks and worship brands like M.A.C. and such, but unless they have a truly unique color, that I’m dying to have, you can’t convince me that a $20+ lipstick is way better than a cheaper one.

Anyhow, I chose 5 red lipsticks of drugstore brands that I truly like.


1. Maybelline – Sirene in Scarlet nr. 690, matte

This is my favorite one on this list. It’s very pigmented, long lasting and doesn’t dry the lips.


2. Rimmel – Kate (collaboration with Kate Moss) nr. 107

This lipstick is more a burgundy color. It is what I use the most during autumn or early spring.

DSC00326 copyDSC00327 copy

3. Elf- Rich Red , Matte Lip Color

Even though it’s said matte, the lipstick has a little shine to it. It also doesn’t last for a long time. The lipstick looks like a crayon but it’s very creamy an pigmented.

DSC00338 copy DSC00339 copy

4. NYX – Tribute to Marilyn nr. 163

This lipstick is the shiniest and creamiest of them all.


5. NYX – Hero, Lip Smacking Fun Colors, nr 545

This red brownish lipstick is another favorite for the colder season. I need to say though that this lipstick is kind of hard to apply, but I get good results by using a lip brush.

DSC00359 copy DSC00362


  1. June 19, 2015 / 2:20 pm

    Beautiful colours and they all look so great on you! And oh gosh I love your septum piercing <33
    xx Ama


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