Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions


Imagine my surprise and happiness when I was contacted by the amazing Blair from the Irresistible Me –  Hair Extensions to try one of their products. I was looking into buying hair extensions for a long time, but I was always very hesitant. I didn’t want to commit because the prices weren’t cheap and the process of choosing a hair color was a hustle. I often switch between hair colors and that alone made me very indecisive on what shade I should choose.

The process of ordering from the is very easy. Aside from choosing the color I also had the option of choosing between 6 different lengths and two types of weights. I wasn’t sure about the color, first I went for the lighter shade, but thanks to Blair suggestions and their helpful video presentation I ended up with a darker shade, that’s the exact same color as my hair. I really can’t tell my hair apart from the extensions now.

So I ended up with the Light Brown #6 18″ 140g hair extensions clip-ins. The package arrived very fast in a beautifully designed box. The hair is of very good quality because it’s 100% real hair. To be honest I was a little creeped when I touched it for the first time – It’s real hair!!! That’s actually amazing because I can dye, wash and style them as much as I want. I can just treat them the same way I treat my own hair.

I got good results on my very first try on putting the extensions on. Because my hair is baby fine I used some mousse so my hair is a little more coarse. To make sure that I would’t loose hair while moving I teased my roots a little too, for extra measure. Aside from immediately getting long hair I also got instant volume. I wish my natural hair was that thick. I, of course, immediately posted a picture on instagram and got tons of compliments.

I’m very pleased with my Irresistible Me hair clip-in extensions, and my only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner.

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