Paris Street Style

Paris Street Style
I can look at this picture forever, my absolute favorite. Are these pants, is this a skirt? Who cares, I love that it is full and stiff. Every single detail is PERFECT…even her undone hair.
Hi Guys,
I know , I know you are sick of fashion week street style, but I’m a little down right now, and I don’t feel like making outfit posts. I’m in a philosophical mood for a week or so, asking myself what I am doing with my life, why am I blogging? Maybe it’s because of the overdose of fashion related pictures I’ve seen during the fashion weeks, or maybe I should blame the movie “Amour”, that made me think that there are so many more important things to focus on than clothes…I don’t know. I haven’t bought a thing in weeks, I unfollowed the people who’ve been posting on instagram too many crapy pictures from the runways. I mean, we’ve got that you are there!stop! I haven’t even checked my blog in a week…
I don’t like to post street style because photographers lately tend to take pictures of the same persons, over and over again. It’s not interesting anymore. But I really like the one I posted because of the great style and not because they are the “it” girls.
The pictures posted bellow are my absolute favorites from the PFW. It shows that one doesn’t need to jump over his/her head to get noticed, to be fashionable. I love, love, love the simplicity of these looks.  I then noticed that all the outfits are monochromatic with a hint of color.
So, what do you think? Aren’t these gals amazing?
This coat is such a statement, and the bright fur is a wonderful piece that gives this, somehow simple outfit, a hint of fun. LOVE
As an ex-architecture student I love architectural clothes.
Who new that gray goes so well with orange? And I also can’t get enough of the wonderful dress/blazer.
Simple is beautiful and also over the knee boots are back. I always loved them because even if you don’t have beautiful long legs they kinda show that you do:)
Cool and chic
I don’t have words on this one. My second favorite from this bunch.
I saw something like this on the runway and I loved it. (I men sheer, long skirt over pants)
Simple simple… beautiful
I definitely love the tailoring of this coat, but look at her face…She’s a beauty.
I never liked long, sporty skirts, but Cristina showed us how to style it.
…and some colors
She can’t pass by unnoticed
Very elegant

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