Dress to impress

Dress to impress


Yesterday we spent all day at Water Country and when I came home, two big boxes from Mango were waiting for me. These shoes and the dress are two of the items that I got. I think that the sandals were the most coveted ones. By the time I wanted to buy them , they were sold out, so I just sent my e-mail in case they restock, without expecting anything to happen really. Big was my surprise when I got a message, from Mango, that they now have the desired sandals in my size. Obviously, this time, I didn’t think twice before buying them.

The dress is amazing too. I was expecting something simple for a beach day, but I was pleasantly surprised to get something better. The dress is actually more of a cocktail type. The fabric is heavy and voluminous and the top layer of the dress is chiffon, which makes it more dressy than casual. I got a few compliments also, and the parking enforcement officer didn’t give me a ticket when I forgot to pay:)).

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