Franconia Notch/ Flume Gorge

Franconia Notch/ Flume Gorge
A few nights ago, while sitting on our friends porch and indulging in some delicious white wine, we started talking about this beautiful place located up in the NH’s White Mountains, named Flume Gorge.  One day I saw a picture of it, in a travel magazine, and I was very impressed that such natural beauty is not so far from us, and I immediately wanted to go there.
We started our trip on a beautiful Sunday morning, but of course, by the time we reached the mountains, it started raining. We were lucky enough to wait just around half an hour, until it cleared up and we could start our 2 miles long trail.
I’m not a good photographer, so I can’t fully show you the magnificence of that place, but I would recommend to anyone to go there, at least once. At the end of the path I was hot, tired, with frizzy hair, and one of my knee just gave up ( I sound like an old lady) by constantly walking down or up hill, but I was happy.
How about your weekend?
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