Pastels For Spring

Pastels For Spring
I’ve been woke up this morning as usual, by a little bundle of energy a.k.a. my daughter. It’s hard to ignore her because she’s kissing me and saying “mommy” at the same time nonstop, until I open my eyes. While she’s doing all that, she’s jumping on me too, and let me tell you, she’s heavy!
I’m up now, but very much resembling a Zombie movie character, I’m not a morning person, that is. A half an hour later the kid is at the child care and I’m finally home alone enjoying a cup of coffee trying to catch up with the world news and all the TV series I skipped last week (Modern Family anybody?). Hours later after everything what needed to be done is done I get to see myself in the mirror for the first time this day. Oh god, I need to do something with my face. Or maybe I just need a warm sunny day. Do I ask too much New England?
Oh, and the most exciting news is that I broke my baby toe and I can’t wear heels for now. I squeezed somehow my aching foot in those tiny Manolos and took a few pictures in my bedroom.
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