Self portrait 

Self portrait 


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If you ask yourself why do I flash my phone one too many times in the pictures, the answer is simple: that’s the tool I take pictures with. Since the day I started this blog, I was like a shoe maker without the shoes, in my case – a blogger without a photographer. Every time my boyfriend has taken a picture of me for the blog, I had literally bribed him to do it.

Not to depend on anyone anymore, I decided to  purchase a camera with built-in WiFi. I chose the Sony a7 because it is a small, full frame, mirrorless beauty, that has, as a bonus, a vintage look. I love Sony, my first digital camera, actually, was a semi-pro Cyber-shot that was extensively used during  a period of 10 years, by my whole family, and we never had any problems with it. I hope that the new camera will serve me as well as the old one did.

So this is the first time, I photographed myself, I kind of took the selfie game to the next level. I was the model and the photographer at the same time. The camera has a built-in app (I had to download it on my phone too) that lets me see in live mode on my phone. The app has a lot of amazing features, and if you want a more detailed description, I can make a separate post about the whole process. It was funny that a few people stopped to watch me, as they were surely confused of what I was doing.

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