Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl
This past Sunday we celebrated our daughter’s 3rd birthday. I’m going to be a typical mommy and say that – damn, time flies fast. It seams like yesterday I brought her home, and I was kind of panicking being left alone with a tiny human of just 3 days old. Three years past and I still, sometimes, don’t know what I’m doing.
I’m not the most organized person on earth, actually far from it. I really try, but all my attempts end like always, in a complete mess. My daughter’s birthday was a perfect example of it.
I started planning a week before the birthday, I made the menu, prepared the list of everything I need to buy, I even bought decorations, which I didn’t get to use in the end, because everything went not as I planned (as usual). My first mistake was to make my own cake from the scratch, and that alone took me around 5 hours. The mistake was not that I cooked it myself, no, I actually liked the process, the problem was that I made the cake in the same day of the celebration. Thanks God for my amazing boyfriend who prepared all the rest of the food.
Then we were late. In our little circle of friends, we know that if the invitation is at something o’clock, then people will come 20 or 30 min later. But this time, we invited a couple that we don’t see very often, and of course they were on time. I was really embarrassed about it and I hope that they will not deny my future invitations.
The thing that it was the Labor Day weekend, didn’t help either. We had a hard time finding a spot to sit down. By the way, we celebrated Mia’s birthday at the beautiful Fort Foster park, located in Kittery, ME. That is an amazingly beautiful and picturesque place.
By the end it all smoothed out by itself. We were very lucky that it didn’t rain, and Mia was happy to get new toys and to eat the cake that she was talking about for days before her birthday.
So yeah, I’m a terrible host))).
Mia was trying to make bubbles
The wind blew out Mia’s candles
Very concentrated in making soap bubbles
Happy that she finally gets to eat the cake
Sad that the candles won’t stay lit (check out my cake:)

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